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9 Aftermarket Motorsports collection of SPL Parts and components include Billet aluminum and titanium control arms, steering components, rod ends, and more are used in high performance vehicle racing, drifting, and track driving.
SPL Parts

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About SPL Parts

SPL Parts Automotive Suspension is a renowned name in the world of high-performance suspension components and accessories. With a relentless commitment to precision engineering, innovation, and quality, SPL Parts has earned a reputation for delivering cutting-edge suspension solutions that enhance the handling, stability, and overall performance of your vehicle.

Product Lineup:

  1. Adjustable Control Arms: SPL Parts offers a wide range of adjustable control arms meticulously designed to provide precise suspension geometry adjustments. These control arms allow for fine-tuning of camber, caster, and toe settings, optimizing tire contact patch and enhancing cornering grip.
  2. Tie Rod Ends: Upgrade your vehicle's steering responsiveness with SPL Parts' tie rod ends. Crafted from high-strength materials, these tie rod ends offer increased durability and improved steering feedback, crucial for precision driving.
  3. Sway Bars and End Links: Enhance your vehicle's stability during cornering with SPL Parts' sway bars and end links. These components reduce body roll and enhance chassis rigidity, providing a more predictable and controlled driving experience.
  4. Adjustable Toe Arms: Achieve the perfect toe alignment for your vehicle with adjustable toe arms from SPL Parts. These arms are ideal for track enthusiasts and performance-oriented drivers seeking precise handling characteristics.
  5. Subframe Bushings: Upgrade your suspension's rigidity and responsiveness with SPL Parts' subframe bushings. These bushings minimize flex and improve power transfer to the wheels, resulting in improved traction and handling.
  6. Rear Camber and Traction Arms: Fine-tune your vehicle's rear suspension with SPL Parts' camber and traction arms. These components allow for easy adjustment of rear camber and traction settings, improving rear-end stability and traction.
  7. Solid Differential Bushings: Replace soft factory bushings with SPL Parts' solid differential bushings to reduce drivetrain movement and improve power delivery. This upgrade is particularly valuable for high-horsepower applications.
  8. Chassis Bracing: Strengthen your vehicle's chassis with SPL Parts' chassis bracing components. These bars and braces reduce chassis flex, enhancing overall stability and responsiveness during aggressive driving.
  9. Coilover Suspension Kits: For a comprehensive suspension upgrade, SPL Parts offers coilover suspension kits that combine their high-quality components with adjustable damping and ride height. These kits are designed to provide a customized and dialed-in setup for both street and track use.
  10. Bushings and Bearings: SPL Parts manufactures a wide range of suspension bushings and bearings designed for durability and performance. These components ensure that your suspension system operates smoothly and reliably.

SPL Parts Automotive Suspension is the go-to choice for automotive enthusiasts, professional racers, and anyone seeking to unlock the full potential of their vehicle's suspension. With a commitment to innovation and quality, SPL Parts continues to push the boundaries of suspension technology, helping drivers achieve superior handling and performance on and off the track.