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9 Aftermarket Motorsports collection of performance steering components are used to increase adjustment and aid in offroad, racing, overland, and harsh driving conditions. these components can include steering stabilizers, tie rods, tie rod ends, drag link, track bars, and more.
Teraflex steering tie rod ends with silver thread and black nuts

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Steering tie rod ends

About Steering & Components

Aftermarket performance vehicle steering components refer to specialized parts and modifications designed to enhance the steering and handling capabilities of a vehicle. These components are popular among automotive enthusiasts and those seeking improved control, responsiveness, and precision in their vehicles. Key aftermarket performance steering components include:

  1. Performance Steering Racks: These components offer quicker steering response, reducing the number of turns from lock to lock, enhancing agility, and improving cornering ability.
  2. Performance Power Steering Pumps: Performance-oriented power steering pumps provide enhanced hydraulic assistance, ensuring smoother and more precise steering, especially at higher speeds.
  3. Performance Tie Rods and Ball Joints: Upgraded tie rods and ball joints can reduce play in the steering system, resulting in sharper and more responsive steering.
  4. Performance Steering Dampers: Also known as steering stabilizers, these components help control vibrations and reduce the risk of "death wobble" in off-road or high-performance applications.
  5. Performance Steering Linkage Kits: These kits include various components such as tie rods, drag links, and center links to improve overall steering performance, often with adjustability for fine-tuning.
  6. Upgraded Steering Fluids: High-performance steering fluids are formulated to handle increased heat and stress, improving overall steering system reliability.
  7. Steering Column Extensions: In some cases, extensions are added to the steering column to improve driver ergonomics and reduce the need to stretch while driving.
  8. Steering Quickeners: These components decrease the number of steering wheel turns required to achieve full lock, increasing responsiveness and maneuverability.
  9. Performance Steering Wheels with Integrated Controls: Steering wheels with integrated controls, such as push-button start or customizable buttons, can enhance driver convenience and control.

Aftermarket performance steering components are favored by car enthusiasts and racers looking to tailor their vehicle's steering characteristics to their preferences and specific performance requirements. These upgrades can result in improved handling, precision, and a more engaging driving experience. However, it's crucial to ensure proper installation and alignment to maximize the benefits while maintaining safety on the road or track.