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9 Aftermarket Motorsports collection of sport compact wheels are popular for not only appearance purposes but offer better on road handling characteristics. A wider wheel allows for a wider tire which increases contact patch with the road.  Sport compact wheels are offered in a variety of sizes and colors.
Enkei RPF1 in bronze with white background

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Enkei RPF1 in bronze with white background

About Sport Compact Wheels

Aftermarket racing automotive wheels are custom-designed wheels that enthusiasts and professionals install on their vehicles for enhanced performance, aesthetics, and customization. These wheels are distinct from factory-produced options, offering unique designs, materials, and sizes to cater to diverse preferences within the racing community.

Key features of aftermarket racing wheels include:

  1. Materials: These wheels are often crafted from lightweight yet durable materials such as forged aluminum or alloy. This reduces unsprung weight, enhancing overall vehicle performance.
  2. Design Options: Aftermarket wheels come in a variety of designs, from classic to modern, and may incorporate aerodynamic elements. They allow vehicle owners to express their individual style while also improving the car's visual appeal.
  3. Performance Enhancement: Many aftermarket wheels are engineered to improve performance by optimizing factors like handling, acceleration, and braking. The focus on materials and design contributes to better overall driving dynamics.
  4. Customization: Enthusiasts appreciate the ability to tailor their vehicles to their liking. Aftermarket wheels offer a range of customization options, including finishes, colors, and sizes, allowing for a personalized look that aligns with the owner's taste.
  5. Fitment: Aftermarket wheels are often available in a variety of sizes and offsets, allowing for precise fitment based on the specific vehicle model and desired performance characteristics.
  6. Branding and Reputation: Enthusiasts often gravitate towards reputable aftermarket wheel brands known for their quality, performance, and innovation. These brands may have a strong presence in motorsports and be associated with high-performance vehicles.
  7. Track-Tested: Some aftermarket wheels are designed with input from professional racing teams or have a track-tested pedigree, reinforcing their performance-oriented design and capabilities.
  8. Cost: While aftermarket wheels can be more expensive than factory options, many enthusiasts view them as a worthwhile investment in terms of both performance and aesthetics.

It's important for consumers to consider factors such as size compatibility, load capacity, and the intended use (street, track, off-road) when selecting aftermarket racing wheels. Overall, these wheels play a crucial role in the customization and performance optimization of racing and high-performance vehicles.