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9 Aftermarket Motorsports collection of Rear bumpers not only increase styling but can offer aerodynamic advantages as well as increased vehicle protection. Rear bumpers can be made out of aluminum, steel, polyurethane, fiberglass and more!
Icon Impact rear steel bumper in black

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Icon Impact rear steel bumper in black

About Rear Bumper

Off-road rear bumpers are essential accessories designed to enhance the performance and durability of vehicles when venturing off the beaten path. These rugged components serve multiple functions and offer various benefits:

  1. Protection: Off-road rear bumpers are primarily designed to safeguard the vehicle's rear end from impacts with rocks, trees, or other obstacles encountered while off-roading. They provide an extra layer of defense for the vehicle's vulnerable rear sections.
  2. Enhanced Departure Angle: Many off-road bumpers are engineered with a high departure angle, allowing vehicles to navigate steep inclines and obstacles without the risk of getting hung up on the rear bumper. This design improves off-road maneuverability.
  3. Recovery Points: These bumpers often come equipped with recovery points, such as D-ring mounts or tow hooks, which can be crucial for self-recovery or assisting other off-roaders in challenging situations.
  4. Accessory Mounting: Off-road rear bumpers typically feature additional mounting points or integrated hitch receivers. This enables the attachment of accessories like spare tire carriers, jerry can holders, and rear-mounted winches, expanding the vehicle's capabilities.
  5. Durability: Constructed from heavy-duty materials like steel or aluminum, these bumpers are built to withstand the rigors of off-roading, including impacts and harsh terrain. They are often powder-coated to resist rust and corrosion.
  6. Aesthetic Appeal: Many off-road enthusiasts choose rear bumpers for their rugged and aggressive appearance, which can also complement the overall aesthetics of their vehicles.
  7. Customization: A wide range of off-road rear bumpers is available to suit different vehicle makes and models, allowing for customization based on individual preferences and requirements.
  8. Weight Distribution: By replacing the factory rear bumper with a purpose-built off-road bumper, the weight of accessories, such as spare tires or cargo, can be better distributed, improving the vehicle's balance and handling.
  9. Improved Ground Clearance: Some off-road bumpers are designed to provide increased ground clearance, further enhancing the vehicle's off-road capability by reducing the risk of getting hung up on obstacles.

In summary, off-road rear bumpers are critical additions for any off-road enthusiast. They offer protection, utility, and enhanced performance, making them essential components for those who enjoy venturing off-road in their vehicles. The choice of an off-road rear bumper should align with the specific needs and preferences of the vehicle owner to maximize its benefits during off-road adventures.