Product Spotlight:   Rigid Industries

Product Spotlight: Rigid Industries

 Product Spotlight: Rigid Industries

Rigid Industries is one of, if not the, top leader in aftermarket automotive lighting. Based right here in the USA (Arizona specifically), Rigid manufactures a massive catalog of lighting for nearly every use and can be found on top competition vehicles. Rigid has dominated LED automotive lighting for well over a decade and has supported 9AM and their customers since our inception.

  We would like to give a special thanks to Richie (West Coast sales) who has always believed in us and even sponsored the lighting on both our personal Jeep Wrangler, as well as our Nissan 240sx, allowing us to bring brand exposure to not only ourselves but also the fantastic rigid products we offer our customers. 

  Among the massive catalog of LED lights Rigid Industries offers are some groundbreaking technologies included in the 'Adapt' series of lighting. The Rigid Industries adapt lights use an included GPS module which allows the light to "adapt" to the vehicle's speed. When the vehicle is traveling at a lower speed ( i.e. rock crawling ) the lights provide a "wide" beam pattern which is beneficial to see the obstacles in the immediate distance or side to side). When the vehicle is traveling at a high rate of speed ( fast trails or pre-running ) the light will again "adapt" to a more focused distance beam pattern to allow for visibility of obstacles in the distance. The Adapt lights are also available with an all-on feature ( all light patterns on at once ) if you miss daylight or need a tan!

 Rigid also offers chase lights, which are great on a dusty trail, Flush mount lights, Vehicle specific mounts and lights, and ROAD LEGAL SAE / DOT lights that do not require covers (although they offer covers if you live in a state with vehicle inspections)! Outside of just the automotive segment, Rigid also offers Boating and side-by-side lighting as well!



Here is a breakdown of some of the most popular Rigid Industries products:

Rigid Industries E Series LED Bar

The E-Series light bars are known for their durability and powerful illumination. They typically feature high-intensity LEDs arranged in a straight bar format, offering a combination of spot and flood beam patterns. These light bars are designed for various off-road applications, providing bright and focused lighting.

Rigid Radiance LED Light bars in various colors

 The Radiance Series light bars are characterized by their sleek design and customizable back-lighting. They often come with a back-lit Rigid Industries logo and allow users to choose the color of the backlight to match their vehicle's aesthetic. They still maintain the high performance expected from Rigid Industries.

Rigid Industries Dually Side Shooter LED Lights

The D-Series lights are compact LED lights suitable for various off-road applications. These lights are often used as auxiliary lighting or for mounting in tight spaces. They come in various beam patterns, including spot and flood, offering versatility for different lighting needs.

Rigid Industries Midnight Edition dually LED lights

 The Midnight Edition lights feature a blacked-out design for a more stealthy appearance. They maintain the same high-performance standards as other Rigid Industries lights but with a unique aesthetic. These lights are often chosen for off-road vehicles with a darker or monochromatic color scheme.

Adapt XP with Amber PRO Lens - Pair (300515)

The Adapt Series lights are designed specifically with speed and beam pattern in mind. The lights use a built-in GPS module to adjust distance and beam patterns: the faster the vehicle is moving, the more focused and distance oriented the beam pattern. The slower the vehicle is moving, the wider the beam pattern.. They are compact, durable, and able to withstand harsh conditions. These lights are often used for both functional and aesthetic purposes.



Rigid Industries has grown to be an industry leader in aftermarket automotive lighting with not only their fantastic products, but also their lifetime warranty program! Rigid guarantees to take care of their customers with any issues they may encounter from the harsh conditions their products are designed for. Returns and warranties are a seamless process for the customer and live representatives are always available during business hours to help! Rigid having a fantastic reputation with their customers, vendors, and sponsored drivers has helped propel them into the highest tier of aftermarket automotive lighting.

  The Success of Rigid Industries has not gone unnoticed by some of the industry's leading automotive manufacturers. Brands like Ford, Jeep, Toyota, and more have jumped on the opportunity to offer Rigid products as a factory option of flagship models like the Wrangler, Tacoma, 4Runner, Bronco, and many more! However if you didn't get the chance to check the "Rigid" Box at the dealership, That's not a problem because we offer their catalog here at 9AM! 

  If you are in the market for a serious lighting upgrade for your vehicle, boat, side-by-side, or motorcycle, follow the link posted at the bottom of this blog to browse our line of Rigid Industries products we offer at 9AM! Have any questions regarding which Rigid Industries product might be best for your application? Feel free to click "chat" in the corner, shoot us an Email, or give us a call and we will be happy to help you "own the night"!

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