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2009-2020 Ford F150 Billet Upper Control Arm/Delta Joint Kit (98505DJ)

2009-2020 Ford F150 Billet Upper Control Arm/Delta Joint Kit (98505DJ)

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Take the performance of your 2009-2020 Ford F150 to new levels with the ICON Vehicle Dynamics Delta Joint billet aluminum upper control arm kit. These upper control arms are designed to improve the overall performance of the F150 with corrected front-end geometry, adjustable camber and caster, and improved suspension component clearance. Constructed of CNC machined 6061 billet aluminum, these control arms merge lightweight construction with high strength properties for a product that functions just as well as it looks. Replacing the OE ball joint with the included ICON Delta Joint allows for full bump and droop travel of the front suspension while eliminating bind. FK Rod End heim joints provide precise and smooth function throughout the range of travel while ICON’s signature double adjuster sleeve allows for on-vehicle camber and caster adjustment. Included with all components and hardware necessary for a complete install, these billet UCAs are the perfect upgrade for the 2009-2020 Ford F150.

These upper control arms feature ICON's patented Delta Joint. The Delta Joint is a heavy-duty high angle ball joint that combines the durability of a ball joint with the performance characteristics of a traditional uniball. While the industry standard uniball does a great job of allowing the control arms of a vehicle to articulate with little bind, they do have an inherent weakness that leaves more to be desired when used in a daily driven application - exposure to the elements. The Delta Joint features a zinc plated housing providing the first layer of corrosion resistance, while a tough grease seal keeps potentially harmful elements out of the inner workings of the joint. Metal on metal construction and a greaseable design increase the longevity of the Delta Joint while at the same time allowing for noise-free operation. What makes the Delta Joint unique is that it brings the best of both worlds to ICON upper control arms with features that make it more robust than a uniball, and at the same time capable of greater angularity than a typical ball joint.


  • Features patended ICON Delta Joint (U.S. Pat. 10,731,700)
  • CNC Machined 6061 Billet Aluminum Construction
  • High-Quality PTFE-lined ¾” FK Rod Ends
  • On-Vehicle Adjustable For Quick And Precise Alignment
  • Caster and Camber Adjustability Allows For Fine Tuning Of Vehicle Handling
  • Matte Anodized Finish Provides Exceptional Corrosion Resistance
  • O-ring Sealed Delta Joint Cover Cap For Additional Protection From The Elements



  • OEM Wheels & Tires Fitment: Not compatible with all available OE wheel/tire combinations. Aftermarket wheels with lower offset/less backspace recommended.
  • Recommended Aftermarket Wheels: ICON Alloys | 17x8.5" w/ 5” Backspace / 6mm Offset
  • Recommended Aftermarket Wheels: ICON Alloys | 18x9" w/ 5.25" Backspace / 6mm Offset
  • Recommended Aftermarket Wheels: ICON Alloys | 20x9" w/ 5.625" Backspace / 16mm Offset
  • TECH NOTE: NOT compatible with Continuous Control Damping (CCD) equipped Expeditions

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