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Driver Spotlight: John Klarich (@topnoch_jz)

  Let's face the hard truth: We live in the golden era of hot boi builds for social media clout. Anybody with a couple of bucks and a stanced car can buy the blue check mark, post some corny quotes, and hope to get all the likes. A dime a dozen people jump into the import drift scene with high hopes to be the next hot thing and all too soon realize that money can't buy skill, and currently, you will need quite a bit of that money to actually be competitive in the world of drifting. A long-time joke among our friends for over a decade: "Drifting can make you a millionaire, but, only if you are a billionaire"... The old head in me could rant forever with a "get off my lawn" scorn.

  On the other side of the 'actually about that life' spectrum: there's the dying breed and a select few who just want to watch the world (or tires) burn with no regard for the big trophy titles, corporate sponsor money, and a phone buzzing with likes and shares. True drivers with that one thing money can't buy: Skill... Case in Point John Klarich! 

John has been featured in front of the camera quite frequently in his driving career, most notably with names like 'Netflix's Hyperdrive' series, 'Hoonigan' YouTube series, and a handful of viral videos on your favorite social media platforms. John's weapon of choice? Anything with a steering wheel and four wheels, and John's most recent video (posted below) of him piloting his Yenko Camaro clone is a great representation of that: 


 So you have a few rides, tell us about them!:

“Well I downsized the cars a bit, just sold the BMW (M5 Competition) with the writers strike here in LA messin' with my work (in the film industry), had to let her go! Also, I'm selling the blue Mustang believe it or not, I'm tired of looking at it! Parting out the Nissan (s14) as well, I am going to almost completely redo the drift car because the current drift scene is wild. If you wanna compete (professionally) you need like some 800+ horsepower NA V8 so we will see what happens. I Got a 2JZ for sale if anyone is looking haha! Currently, I'm daily-ing the Camaro and I’m not mad about it honestly!”

That's wild man! You are never one to hang on to a car forever with the exception of the supra so I'm not too surprised! Speaking of, how's the supra?: 

John Klarich Blue Toyota Supra at ocean beach with sunset

“Yeah the supra is still in the shop getting some wild stuff done; 5 grand in head work, 5 grand in nitrous, 5 grand for PRO EFI, 5 grand here 5 grand there, Precision 76/75 new gen turbo, parachute… The Supra has definitely been a money pit but it's gonna be somewhere in the 1400+/- hp range all day once it's done!"

I have literally zero idea what that type of horsepower feels like..:

"I don't either aside from a 1500 horsepower LS9 single turbo FD RX7 I was a passenger in a few years ago… We did 202 in the standing half mile! I was like damn bro this is dumb hahaha!"

Sounds like you're making some moves! Any future cars on the list?:

“Actually, I’m lookin' for a very specific (Mitsubishi) EVO 9 MR in silver as a daily. I had an EVO8 a while back with all the EVO9 bits (interior, body, etc.). I got it from some dude in Vegas for 15g's haha! The dude was hurtin’ for money I guess? But I'm waiting for the right one, there are some seriously clapped-out ones out on the marketplace and I'll pass on all that!”

That's a WILD deal! I hope he paid the cartel he owed haha! So what's your current take on the car scene?:

“It kind of died out for a little bit with the cops, CHP, refs and all that here in Los Angeles and San Diego, I feel like a lot of people got wise and registered out of state, so that's cool! But yeah man, the morning car meets cars and coffee you're legit, super safe, but you go out at night with a modified car you're asking for trouble.”

Having been both ref'd at the same night meet (my S13 and John's Supra) we know the pain haha! So you have been competing in drifting regularly recently, what's that like?:

John Klarich drifting Nissan S14 in Hotpit Autofest event

“Yeah man this season was rocky actually. My car (S14) is not really set up like the rest of the cars are, kinda outdated honestly, I'm on some basic Tein coils and no Wisefab… The rest of the cars are all serious angle kits and Feal coils. We didn't really get the car set up until the last event but she's doin' alright now. The reality is I'm competing with dudes sliding NA V8's with 700hp the second you touch the throttle and I'm waiting for boost while making a lot of driving adjustments to keep up! So like I said 2JZ is gonna go out and I'm looking for an LS, Feal coils, and a Wisefab kit; I've got to go with what is proven to work! I got a killer little sponsor deal with Wisefab so I am definitely gonna go wild with them! Next season is gonna be nuts man!”

Stoked to see what's next man! Before we go, is there anyone you wanna give a shoutout to?:

"Yeah man, my pit crew! 'Terry Thornberry Performance' have been keeping me laced up A-1 all season, can't thank them enough man, super grateful!"


We here at 9AM can't thank John enough for the years of support, fantastic friendship, laughs, and striking fear into our hearts while in his passenger seat! We wish John the best on his next season of drifting, will support him however way we can, and can't wait to see what's next for him! 

You can keep up with John on his social media platforms linked below:
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